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Amenth is a black and dangerous world located in another dimension,[3] full of endless hordes of daemons and primordial eldritch creatures. The living can only exist in that chaotic hellspace in some form because of Annihilation, an elder god with the power to control Amenth's armies. Annihilation exists in the form of a helm that allows her to possess its wearer, with only the exceptionally strong-willed retaining a degree of autonomy.[4] Amenth can be accessed through the Otherworld province of Dryador.[5]


Thousands of years ago, Annihilation used the Twilight Blade to puncture the boundaries of reality and emerged on Earth. The Sword split the living island of Okkara into two beings: Arakko and Krakoa and the daemons faced its mutant population led by Apocalypse, his wife Genesis and their Four Horsemen. Early in the war, the White Sword and his one hundred champions went through the breach into Amenth to slow down the onslaught of the horde and buy the rest of the mutants time.[4] They ventured far from the breach to establish the Ivory Spire and fought the daemons relentlessly, with the White Sword resurrecting his one hundred swords each morning and fighting the enemy until every one of them was slain, repeating every day for thousands of years.[1]

Ivory Spire from X-Men Vol 5 12 001

Ivory Spire

On Earth, Annihilation attended a parlay with the mutants, but her demands were shot down by Genesis. There was hope for the mutants until her sister Isca, whose power to never lose compelled her to join the enemy, indicated there was no chance for victory. When the only way left was to delay the inevitable, Genesis, the Horsemen and scores of other powerful mutants, along with Arakko itself, went into the breach to shut it from the other side and deny Annihilation's forces access to Earth by sealing the rift.[4] Once the breach was closed, the mutants were cut-off from the other side and one tenth of the Arakkii mutants fled into the wasteland, overwhelmed by the demonic nature of Amenth. They were later captured by the forces of Annihilation and were forced to breed with Daemons to create a new warrior sub-race, the Summoners. The rest used the time bought for them by the White Sword and the mutant alchemists and wizards combined their powers to construct an armor for Arakko - ten impregnable towers projecting a killing field between them. For thousands of years, the mutants lived within those walls, stopping the daemon horde at their borders in a seemingly never-ending war. Eventually, after the prophet Idyll predicted their defeat, Genesis gathered an army and for the first time ever left the safety of Arakko and ventured into a years long quest to end the threat of Amenth for good. The campaign went well until they came across the White Sword, driven mad by his millennia in isolation, and suffered a defeat, finally returning to Arakko years later.[1]

Tower of Broken Will from Wolverine Vol 7 6 001
It was then that Isca invited Genesis to a parlay with Annihilation, finally letting her learn about the Summoners and that the force they held at bay for thousands of years was nowhere near Amenth's full strength. Genesis dueled Annihilation and won, but when the helm was left without a host, the daemons were left without a leash and attacked Arakko in full strength. Over the next hundred years the towers fell one by one as Genesis, held prisoner, refused to don the helm. This changed when mages of Arakko, in a desperate plea for help opened a rift to Dryador in Otherworld Realizing that all hope was lost and that the daemons would soon be free to leave Amenth, Genesis put on the golden helm hoping to dominate it, but failed. As the new host of Annihilation, she marched her army to Arakko, forcing its surrender and subjugating its population, with millions of mutants put into the service of Amenth. With the Horsemen and the Summoners now both answering to her, Annihilation then led the army of Amenth into Otherworld through Dryador.[1]

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  • The name for the dimension of Amenth might be derived from Ament, which is an alternate name for a minor Egyptian goddess of the deceased, Imentet.[7] Another theory states Jonathan Hickman derived the name from the Egyptian underworld city of Amenti,[8] another name for Duat.[9]

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