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Quote1.png For so long, I couldn't remember what happened before the beach. Where I was. Who I was with. But now I can. I remember my REAL parents. Quote2.png
Ms. America (America Chavez) (Age 10)

Appearing in "Made in the U.S.A. Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Made in the U.S.A. Part 2"

Ten years ago, young America got into a fight with classmate Camilo after finally remembering her original family and name. When Berto broke up the fight, America informed him about her recollection and shared it with a child psychologist. The counsellor concluded that America created a fantasy about her birth family as a coping defense, with her likely needing to resolve her trauma. Informing Javi and Ceci, the adults are soon surprised to see America is able to fly. Six years ago, after America saved Camilo from hoodlums, Officer Thompson had her brought to Javi and Ceci for fighting, angry at her vigilantism. They remind her to stay low key given the NYPD's disregard for the neighborhood, but America defended as the very disregard is why she goes out helping. Three years ago, arriving extremely late for Berto's wife's baby shower, an angry and worried Javi and Ceci fight with America about her obsession with being a superhero. With Ceci trying to reiterate America's actions drawing too much attention and endangering the family, America hits a fever pitch with their idea of family and denounced her 'America Santana' name for her original 'America Chavez' identity.

Today, America explains her adoption to Spider-Man as they stop a pair of looters from robbing Bodega Santana. As NYPD never ventured too far into Washington Heights when America was a child, Spidey bids her farewell as he goes to deliver the looters into custody, advising she check in on the Santanas who may be joyous to see her again. Although America is uneasy given the threatening note and how she left things, the Santanas are as excited to see her as Spider-Man said. After so long apart, she greets everyone and catches up with some of them. However, an angry Ceci brings up the note and tells everyone that their block was set ablaze by someone targeting America, the "superhero". With Ceci apparently still upset America chose to continue her superhero activities, Javi takes his foster daughter on a walk under the shared pretense and need of inspecting the bodega, to get her from fighting with Ceci again as well as talk to her himself.

Looking over the bodega, Javi talks with America about missing her ever since she became a legitimate superhero, and apologizing as the family was partly to blame for her leaving, wishing he could have done better. While understanding, America avoids the sore subject to move and inspect the Bodega security cameras. As some food was missing, she noted that the arsonist had a snack when they did the crime. Finding the hooded figure on recording, America finds tokens from the Indigo Lanes Arcade, calling Kate for advice before reaching her destination to find her stalker. The Hooded Figure is happy to have been found, leading America on a surprising chase while showcasing herself to have identical powers to America. She leads America to an island to spring a trap, calling the place "home" and reveals they're on the Utopian Parallel. With America incapacitated, her captor shows her that they both have the same star markings on the inside of their wrists.

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The irony of America Chavez's life suddenly shattering into a million pieces is not lost on her... But facing a mysterious threat who seems to know a whole lot about her — maybe even more than America herself? Well, now she's on the brink of breaking apart.

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