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Quote1.png Haven't you ever wondered why you're so strong? Why you can fly or... hop dimensions? Quote2.png
Catalina Chavez

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Waking up restrained, America found her stalker claiming to be her little sister, Catalina, whom America couldn't remember. As America berated her "sister" about motive, Catalina explained that she wanted to be heard for America to remember her real past. To achieve both, she prepared sodium thiopental, which would chemically unlock memories, but gave America the choice. America rejected her, stating she knows herself. Catalina explained that the Utopia parallel was a private island, their mothers were doctors from the Bronx, and she promised to divulge the truth, having investigated on her own with reconstructed papers and forgotten witnesses, for America to then want to remember.

15 years ago, far from the Long Island shore, Doctors Amalia and Elena Chavez arrive at the private island of billionaire Mr. Gales, who established a cutting edge secret medical facility. The Doctors Chavez were hired to treat Edges Syndrome, found predominantly in children with two X chromosomes, such as toddler America Chavez. As Gale invited them to use an "unconventional" therapeutic, he brought them to a chamber built to harness the unique semantically magic energies flowing through the island, creating a pocket reality which affected space-time, allowing the girls to live through the disease. After the Doctors Chavez debated the ethics involved, Gates acknowledged such concerns and brought up their youngest daughter, Catalina. With America having Edges and Catalina having the latent gene, should they succeed then they'll have a treatment ready for both daughters. As Gales promised to limitlessly fund their research, and give the girls treatment, they are ultimately convinced to stay.

In the present, Catalina commented to a restrained America on her memory block and fantastical origin being a coping mechanism for what really happened. She brought America to the empty star shaped chamber, the same where Gale dubbed them his "Starlings", as Catalina displayed her identical anterior wrist star marks like America's. Once free, America fought her sister, who dodged and asked America if she ever wondered about her powers. Continuing to beg America to listen, Catalina explained that their mothers came close but there wasn't a cure, as both their powers were the result of treatments. Now fading, their sicknesses are returning and both are dying. Hopeful to convince America, Catalina showed her the chamber she built to house the children from the original experiments, sleeping in stasis pods. Shocked to find them, America was asked by Catalina for help in finishing their mothers' research and find a cure.

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The face of America’s mysterious tormentor is revealed — and while whom America sees is shocking, to say the least, it’s what they say that will shake the foundations of everything she knows. And then? It’s just a matter of whether or not to believe them…

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