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Quote1.png Here's the thing, Catalina... I might not be able to send you to another world. But I've got enough juice left to send you to one of the worst places on this world. Quote2.png
America Chavez

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Synopsis for 1st story

In the chamber, America is disturbed by Catalina's willful exposure with the stasis children to the same cosmic energies she doesn't understand. Catalina rebuttals that their mothers did the same to America, that "heroes" have to make the hard sacrifices, noting that another week of short-circuiting powers would change her mind, which America notes as proof Catalina doesn't know her at all. Finding her powers faulty again, with America unable to use cross-dimensional travel, she simply portals Catalina to the New Jersey Turnpike amid traffic. Now alone, but still confident in her own truth, America takes the serum of sodium thiopental and injects herself to remember her past.

15 years ago on the Utopian Parallel far from the Long Island shore, Mr. Gales is talking with a toddler America about her ability to open portals but her mothers intervene and take her back, finding his interaction as a breach of boundaries. Returning to their quarters, Amalia and Elena Chavez are concerned of the origin of the men in suits as they need to remove their children from the island. As Elena found America's workup showing remission, there was no more need to stay on Utopian Parallel, and with their research can form a cure later for Catalina who still wasn't sick at the time. As Elena wanted to take their daughters and leave with the other girls as well, Amalia noted Gales being their greatest obstacle.

America lost Catalina in the escape.

At sunset, Elena grabbed America and Catalina to rendezvous with the other girls, but Amalia was not present. Calling her wife, Elena heard as Amalia was caught on camera and led the guards away to the otherworld portal, asking her wife to continue to free the children, using a grenade to destroy it with Amalia caught in the blast with the guards pursuing her. Seeing the explosion, Gates reveals he was aware of the sedative in his drink and botched their plan, shooting Elena center mass. With her last words telling them to show them what Starlings can do, the girls attacked Gales and his men. Elena dies asking America to take Catalina, hoping she'll remember her mothers and the good they had. But as America takes Catalina through a star portal, Gales intercepts and takes Catalina from America, falling alone through the portal. Emerging on the other side in the waters off shore, America sees the island in flames distraught with sadness thinking her whole family dead.

Waking up in the present, America understands her past and chooses to continue the plan her mothers formulated to save the girls. Just as Catalina returns, she finds America removing said girls from stasis, angry as she only wanted a cure to live a real life. Although America wanted to help Catalina find a cure without the method her sister adopted, Catalina instead brought leverage to ensure her sister's compliance: America's foster brother Berto as a hostage.

Solicit Synopsis

AMERICA CHAVEZ knows the face of her enemy. She knows what’s at stake if she fails. But she doesn’t know the truth of her past…yet. She’s about to find out.


  • With timeline flashbacks set 15 years earlier when America's mothers came to the island, and America washed onto Jones Beach 13 years earlier, the flashback caption "Fifteen Years Ago" was a timeline edit error. It instead should have read "Thirteen Years Ago", otherwise America would have been adrift for two years.

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