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Quote1.png Like any good Latina, you talk and talk about la familia. Now's your chance to prove what it actually means to you. Quote2.png
Catalina Chavez

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Eleven years ago, Berto and America were on their apartment roof as he was teaching her how to fly a kite. Juxtaposed to the present, with Catalina holding Berto hostage having found him searching the boardwalk she was last seen at a few hours earlier. Tired of America's talk of family, Catalina will release him in exchange for America reactivating the Starling Chamber, as she's the only one to have made contact with "The Demiurge" within the pocket dimension. As America refuses to put the other girls through what she went through, Catalina objects to tell her about Gales taking her in as his "daughter" at an undisclosed Swiss medical facility. But as she didn't show signs of Edges Syndrome, Gales intentionally made Catalina sick to replicate the treatments on America and got powers whenever she was healthy, giving her the strength to escape and ensuring Gales would hurt nobody ever again. Ignoring America's sympathies, she leads her sister and takes a captive Berto to the Starling chamber. With talk of meeting their mothers and America's multiverse traversal powers, Catalina expects she can bring their mothers into their present.

America loses Catalina yet again.

America refuses as she cannot revive the dead, but her pleas of empathy fail with Catalina's sense of abandonment by her sister. Going off Gales' notes and adjusting the power settings, Catalina orders America to bring their mothers to them. Explaining she cannot simply yank them from the multiverse, an act their mothers would know to be wrong, Catalina remains adamant due to hearing their voices at night as she grew up and America starts hearing their voices upon entering the chamber. When a small dimensional tear forms in the chamber, America's ill condition barely reshapes the portal and their mothers don't come through. As Catalina desperately calls out, America tries reasoning that her trauma made her hear their voices for a moment. America tries to invite her home, but Catalina's refusal to abandon two years of effort leads her to walking backward near the star portal, pulled in by energy wisps clinging to her. America is dispirited at losing her sister yet again and cannot follow to rescue due to her off balance powers from her illness. Freeing Berto, he comforts her on her loss again, and the two lead the girls to a yacht parked on the harbor to sail to New York.

Reflecting on events, America is conflicted on finally remembering the whole story about her past but is happy at the new family she has in the Santanas, and realizes she was spending too much time focused on her past and starts to be more invested in her present; like helping repair the bodega and apartment, dinner and shopping, and neighborhood superhero watch. As America remains in contact with the Avengers, she also gives a public record of what really happened to Amalia and Elena, continuing work on finding a cure for her Edges Syndrome now that her powers are barely working at five minutes at a time. With her now limited abilities, America also seeks to find the first group of Starlings that she grew up with, as the girls she rescued were Catalina's test subjects, and hopes to find her sister someday. Explaining everything to Ramone, the two amicably part ways with a kiss before America leaves to team-up with Spider-Man to fight a giant snail.

Solicit Synopsis

She fought for her past. She chose to discover the truth. And now, with a new mission before her, AMERICA CHAVEZ’s life will never be the same.

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