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Quote1.png Toughest boricua this side of the Hudson? People also call me America Chavez. Quote2.png
America Chavez[src]


On another planet where Inhumans waged war against one another, America and her mothers stood their ground against the superbeings. Her moms decided it would be better to have America safe than caught in the crossfire, so they placed her in a teleportation machine and sent her to Earth while her moms stayed behind to defend against the Inhumans.[citation needed]



Seemingly those of America Chavez of the Utopian Parallel.


Seemingly those of America Chavez of the Utopian Parallel.


  • Unlike her Mainstream counterpart, America originates from the universe in which she is based in, just from another planet in said universe.[1]
  • Also unlike her mainstream counterpart, America considers herself to be a "Boricua" (Puerto Rican) as opposed to Mexican.[2]

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