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America Chavez hailed from the Utopian Parallel, a dimension that was destroyed when Loki wanted to steal the power of Demiurge. Despire obliterating the Utopian Parallel, Loki failed to obtai Demiurge's power and escaped into the Multiverse. Only a few of the inhabitants survived, America among them. Since there was no way to tell which reality Demiurge escaped into, she made it her mission to hunt down every single Loki in the Multiverse to avenge her people.

At some point in her travels she ended up in the Netherworld, a section of the Dark Domain created during the Convergence and, due to due the magical barriers erected to obstruct the movement of demons into the other section of the Dark Domain, found herself unable to leave. She encountered Ghost Rider and Spider-Man who were on their way to Mephisto's Citadel of Sin and learned from their companion that the soul of Loki who recently died in Midgardia somehow ended in this version of Hell instead of the afterlife meant for Asgardians. Since a soul so important would be held close to the chest by Mephisto, Chavez joined the small band in their mission, although annoyingly for them she was still able to easily teleport ahead. Eventually, her obvious interest in Loki became suspicious and she as forced to admit her motives. When informed that this Loki died a hero, sacrificing himself for his brother Thor, America refused to believe it. It was not until she came face to face with Thor himself, who confirmed the story and America was forced to admit that not all Lokis were bad deep down. She was eventually able to leave the Netherworld shen Doctor Strange and Clea removed the magical barriers trapping her there.

She was at some point also seen hanging out with Rocket Raccoon in the Omega Squad Headquarters.[1]

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Seemingly those of the America Chavez of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the America Chavez of Earth-616.

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