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The Americops originated as a private policing initiative created and funded by Keane Industries after they obtained the costume and codename from the late Americop. While the Americops brought double-digit reductions in crime rates to the cities where they had been deployed, controversy surrounded them due to their members' particular hostility towards minority communities, with reports involving profiling, harassment, and excessive force being denied by both the Americops and Keane Industries' president Paul Keane.[1]

Americops (Earth-616) from Captain America Sam Wilson Vol 1 9 001

Even though the Americops appeared to stem from a noble cause, in reality, they were mostly sent to distressed areas were Kaene's subsidiary Paragon Properties had recently bought vacant properties. Once the Americops harassed its inhabitants into leaving, the area became available for gentrification.[2] Texan Senator Tom Herald intended to introduce a bill in the Senate that would call for increased resource-sharing between federal law enforcement and the Americops.[1] The Americops later arrested Rage for the pawn shop robbery that was committed by Man Mountain Marko and Speed Demon.[3]

When Hydra took over the United States under the leadership of Captain America, who had been transformed into a Hydra sleeper agent by the Cosmic Cube Kobik, the Americops became the country's predominant police force.[4] After the fascist counterpart of Captain America was defeated and his regime overthrown, Wolfgang von Strucker seized the Americops to be used in his prison, the Myrmidon.[5]

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