Amina Synge grew up with the rest of the Foursaken. She was the girlfriend of Jamie Braddock. She gained her powers while entering a rally with Jamie in the desert. There she and the rest of the Forsaken met the First Fallen who activated their powers and chose them to represent earth in his paradise world.

The other three members of the group were Jamie Braddock, Godfrey Calthrop and Ned Horrocks.

They involved themselves with the X-Men and a paradisical realm called the 'Singing City'. It was said that humanity would live on in this new place, but it was soon discovered only four humans would make the cut. All others would not. The X-Men were not persuaded by the argument that humanity would live on in the four who survived and battle to stop the plans.

Amina, along with the other Forsaken, rebelled against the Fallen. Ned would die and Jamie sacrifices himself to save the others. Amina blamed Psylocke for leaving Jamie behind but Godfrey calmed her and left with her.[1]


Amina can summon ectoplasmic salamander-creatures that tear the souls out of people.

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