Aminedi was a member of the Iraqi mercenary team Desert Sword when they fought Freedom Force, led by Crimson Commando. Aminedi decapitated Super Sabre and cut off the Commando's right arm. But they lost team member Veil and the scientist Kurtzmann, both of whom were killed by Pyro. Sirocco and Aminedi trapped Avalanche and Commando in a mine field. As Commando's condition worsened Avalanche trapped the two under a pile of rock, though they later escaped. They rode a wave of dirt to their designated extraction point and got him to safety, leaving both Blob and Pyro who were later captured by Desert Sword. Freedom Force's devastating failure soon led to the team's abandonment.[citation needed]

At an unknown point Aminedi contracted the Legacy Virus. He eventually died from the disease. His death was reported during a brainstorming session about the virus by Charles Xavier, Moira MacTaggert, and Hank McCoy.[1]


Aminedi could transform his physical body into a mass of sentient airborne particles, making him invisible and intangible while moving at superhuman speeds and striking as a razor cutting wind that could slice through solid materials. This wind was incredibly sharp, even able to cut through the Blob's nearly impenetrable skin.

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