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Big Zero (Amity Hunter) is a white supremacist and supposed superhero from the Microverse. She is a neo-nazi/soldier who apparently hails from a fascist microscopic universe as implied by Norman Osborn. She came to the macroscopic universe and joined the team of Young Avengers gathered by Melter and Coat of Arms. Although she was a member of the Young Avengers for a time, which at least loosely professes to heroism, Big Zero showed little interest in being good and regularly altered the programming of her teammate Egghead in order to make his functions more sociopathic, as well as causing his views on race to reflect her own.

When the original Young Avengers came after Melter's team for appropriating their name, the two groups went on joint missions together to evaluate one another. Ultimately, Big Zero's sadistic nature and rivalry with Stature prevented her entry into the Young Avengers. Her team instead reinvented themselves as a young Masters of Evil.[2]

Later on, Big Zero joined Jeremy Briggs in his project to remove superhuman abilities from the population.[3]

Powers and Abilities


She is a size-changer who can alter her height and physical form at will, able to enlarge or shrink herself (although she has not been shown to shrink beyond returning to her original size). Amity can apparently grow to 100 ft. tall, though this is still unconfirmed. A giant form, her physical power is greatly enhanced, allowing her to draw upon vast amounts of strength.


Amity has displayed a knowledge of technology and robotics expertise. She used her technical skill to re-program her teammate Egghead, in order to alter his views on race and humans, causing them to reflect her own.

Physical Strength

When she enlarges her body, Big Zero is able to draw upon vast amounts of physical power and accomplish superhuman feats, such as smashing helicopters with her bare hands and crushing people to death with her feet.

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