Most of Ammo's early history was unrevealed. It was known that he served in Vietnam, and possibly acquired his love of violence there. He surfaced as a leader of a large, vicious street gang in the Hell's Kitchen slums of New York City.

Ammo took advantage of a power failure (caused by the mutant hero team X-Factor fighting the villain Apocalypse) and claimed it was a sign of humanity's collapse. He led his gang (which included the street thugs known as the Wildboys) on a rioting spree, and managed to raid a US armory. Hoping to raid a hospital's drug supply and eventually become a powerful post-apocalyptic leader in New York, he and his gang were stopped by the hero Daredevil and imprisoned.[1]

Daredevil's enemy Typhoid Mary rescued Ammo from prison and asked him for assistance in a complex plan to kill Daredevil. Ammo readily agreed and beat Daredevil severely during a series of battles orchestrated by Mary, before leaving Daredevil in Mary's hands.[2]

Several years later, Ammo resurfaced as the leader of a group of doomsday preppers known as the Munition Militia, who intended to kickstart the collapse of civilization so the post-apocalyptic future they desired could come to pass. When the Munition Militia prepared to strike and cause a diversion while a truck charged with explosives detonated in another part of the city, Daredevil stopped them with the help of Luke Cage and Echo. As soon as he learned of the explosives, Daredevil and his allies tracked it down and crashed it into the East River. Unfortunately, while the heroes were busy with the explosives, Ammo and his teammates slipped away.[3]

Following the arrest of Slug, the Munition Militia broke into the New York State Supreme Court while he was in trial an attempt to break him free. They were stopped by Daredevil, who had attended the trial as a witness.[4]


Weapons Expert: Ammo is proficient in many street-level weapons, from guns to baseball bats.

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