The Enchantress was one of the numerous warriors of the different realms trapped by Ultron inside a magic mirror in Asgardia, a seemingly impregnable mirror that drained its prisoners from their power.

Thor showed the fate of his fellow warriors to the time-displaced Avengers when they escaped from Doctor Doom's clutches, who had manipulated them to overthrow Ultron and take his place. The past Iron Man noticed that the mirror let light pass through, so he fired a high-intensity laser at it for Beta Ray Bill to power up his hammer. The hammer managed to absorb enough energy and shattered the mirror with a powerful strike, freeing all of its prisoners.

When Doom's drone army attacked Asgardia, the Enchantress and the other free warriors fought together with the time-displaced Avengers. Eventually, the heroes from the past were able to convince Doom to cease attacking, and also to free the Earth from his iron fist. Doom would later welcome the Asgardians as Earth's protectors.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Amora of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Amora of Earth-616.

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