Amora assisted Loki in his scheme against the New Ultimates, enchanting Valkyrie and Zarda with her magic. When Hawkeye shot her through the chest, her spell was broken. When she regained consciousness, Loki informed her that he had killed Valkyrie. Realizing that everything was just a game to Loki, Amora left him, warning him that he may have gone too far.[1]

Along the rest of the Asgardians, she died when the Children of Tomorrow attacked Asgard. Her ghost, as well as the ones of the other Asgardians, can only be seen by Thor, who being the last Asgardian survivor, became Vahalla.[2]


Amora appears to have similar powers to her 616 counterpart, though she is capable of manipulating women just as easily as she does men.

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