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While exiled from Asgard, Amora the Enchantress found herself standing side-by-side the heroes of Earth who attempted to stop an invading force. Amora found herself drawn to King Namor of Atlantis, in part because the surface world had become victim of this catastrophe, whereas his underwater kingdom had a chance to thrive.[1] This infatuation saw Amora join Namor's side when he left the surface world to focus on providing a future for Atlantis. During this time, another war resulted in the collapse of the surface society.[2] Afterward, Amora and Namor had a child named Ove. Ove's birth helped bring his parents closer together, but ultimately pushed them apart since he plucked them away from their romantic fantasy into real life, facing real-life problems. Despite of the falling out with Namor, Amora would cherish Ove.

Ove was the furthest thing from the perfect child however. Having inherited the characteristic flaws of both the mother and the father, when he was sixteen years old, Ove killed Namor. Amora fled with Ove to the irradiated surface before the Atlanteans could punish him for his treachery, and he became his mother's only joy in an otherwise-barren world.[1] Ove and Amor eventually settled in the ruins of New York City, where they established a haven that became known as New Atlantis, which ran on the powers of the enslaved superbeings, namely Jolt, Crystal and Armor.[2]

Ove would ultimately set out to travel to the past so he could rule untied from the dystopian circumstances of his time, and Enchantress felt it was her responsibility to help him achieve his dream. When Ove and Enchantress enlisted Magik, another hero subjugated by the mother and son duo, she tried to stall their plan and claimed that they would need the life force of the late Captain Marvel to power the spell necessary transport Ove to the past.[3] To this end, Ove had Captain Marvel's younger self from a timeline decades prior, Earth-616, transported forward in time.[1] She was ultimately subdued along with a group of allies from outside New Atlantis.[2] During capture, Captain Marvel attempted to sway Amora away from his son to no avail.

When Ove and Amora began to cast the spell to send Ove back in time using Carol's life energy, they were interrupted by Carol's liberated allies.[1] While overpowered by the heroes, Ove and Amora briefly took control of The Wolf. Using her psychic abilities on Magik, they found out about her bluff. Realizing that the life force of any individual could power the spell, Enchantress sacrificed herself to finish the ritual, and successfully sent Ove to the past. With her final breaths, Amora explained herself to Carol; that despite Ove being a monster, he was still her son.[3]

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