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After consulting Loki, Administrator Potts recruited Enchantress into Avengers Academy.

Since joining the Academy she is usually seen plotting ways to take over the Academy with Loki, one of Loki plans to take over the Academy involved recruiting Taskmaster, after they did the recruiting Loki wanted the three of them to use the Bifrost Gate that was in an area blocked by the timefog in the Academy, with the intent of bringing an army of Frost Giants through it from Jotunheim and conquer the Academy, they needed help from Iron Man to get rid of the timefog so Enchantress seduced him for that help, when they finally got to the gate their plans were stopped by Odin who was observing them from the start without them noticing, he then said he would put them in his dungeon, but he believes the Academy is good for them and kept them there instead.


Director Fury created the Thunderbolts because he wanted a team that would do the dirty work that the more goodhearted students wouldn't, so the team consisted mostly of former criminals that wanted to turn their life around, Enchantress became one of its members.[1]

Avengers Under Siege

Enchantress was one of the Avengers Academy students that helped defeat and recapture the villains that were freed from their cages by Baron Zemo after he was manipulated by Mephisto into believing they would serve him if he freed them.[1]



Seemingly those of the Amora of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Amora of Earth-616.

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