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In this new universe, Franklin created populated universe, including a recreation of Thor's foe the Enchantress. Like all the Asgardians created by Franklin Richards to populate Counter-Earth, the Enchantress have vague memories from her Earth-616 counterpart. However, it is unrevealed if like the Counter-Earth version of Loki, that this version of the Enchantress believed herself to be the Enchantress of Earth-616. She would believe that her daughter was the Scarlet Witch and would seek a truce with Loki to take Wanda into her possession.[1]

Loki, only interested in destroying Thor and the Avengers would allow this and agree to work with the Enchantress. Working together, the duo would take out Agatha Harkness, Wanda's teacher and the Enchantress would take her place. Enthralling Wanda, the Enchantress would force her to join her Lethal Legion to attack the Avengers, while Loki would travel around the world absorbing the energies of the various Avengers foes and allies that were created by Franklin Richards. The Avengers would defeat the Lethal Legion, however the Enchantress and the Scarlet Witch would escape.[2]

To further divide the Avengers, the Enchantress would aid Loki in enthralling Thor, Hawkeye and Hellcat (the latter having her essence transferred into the Scarlet Witch's body) into their ranks and attack the Avengers once more. This would prove to be a ploy to distract everyone while Loki absorbed the power of the gamma core on Avengers Island. Having been betrayed by Loki, the Enchantress would restore Agatha Harkness. She would then aid Agatha and the free Scarlet Witch in combining their powers to turn Thor into a construct of Odin. Ultimately, Loki would be defeated but at the cost of Thor's life. The fate of the Enchantress following this remains unrevealed.[3]

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