This sinister, strange metallic craft is Warlord Krang's mighty flagship, one of the most potent vessel of destruction ever spawned in fabled Atlantis. It was used to attack Iron Man with an intensified electric bolt and a twin-bolt alpha beam blast, but the golden avenger, using a high powered repulser ray blast, forced the entire ship beneath the surface[1]. As Namor noticed the combat ship deep beneath the Long Island Sound, he decided to get revenge on Iron Man for allowing Warlord Krang and Lady Dorma to get away from his wrath[2].

As Namor and Iron Man struggled, Warlord Krang's submarine returned out at sea and was immediately spotted by the monarch's keen eyesight. Breaking off from the fight, the Sub-Mariner dived back into the ocean and swam after his hated enemy Warlord Krang[3].

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