Early Life

Amphitryon was a great warrior from Thebes, Greece. He was married to Alcmena of the House of Perseus.[2]


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Strangling the serpents

In his absence, Zeus seduced Alcmena in the guise of her husband, who was away at war. Due to his Olympian lineage, Hercules was born with the potential for extraordinary superhuman strength. Hera the wife of Zeus grew jealous of his adultery, Alcmena tried to appease the Goddess by naming her child Heracles "Glory of Hera". [3] The child was at first abandoned outside the city and when Athena and Hera found it, Hera decided to suckle the child, however, his godly strength harmed her when he bit down and she flung away. He was returned to the city and was accepted by Amphitryon and his wife. However, Hera then sent to serpents to kill the child, but even at one years old he had great strength and strangled them both with his bare hands.[2] After the young baby Heracles killed the two snakes sent to kill him, his parents went to Tiresias for advice. He revealed the truth of Hercules true parentage and that Zeus created him to be the champion of mankind. He saw his many future battles including one against the Hulk.[2] Amphitryon raised Hercules as his own training in all forms of combat. [3]


In 1291 B.C., on the road to Thebes he encountered a group of Minyan warriors travelling to sack the city, Hercules beat them all with ease. This lead to war between Minya and Thebes and Hercules was imprisoned for the attack. It was then he learned the truth of his origin from his parents. They gave him the garb bestowed on them from Zeus. He met with the leader of the Minyan, but when they tried to execute him the axe shattered on his neck.It was however during the battle Amphitryon was killed.[2]

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