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Quote1.png Thou must choose either the Amulet or the Sword...Life or death -- For thee... And, mayhaps, for thy world, as well! Quote2.png

Along with the Sword of Might, the Amulet of Right is one of the two items offered to the potential candidates for the Captain Britain Corps.[1]


Brian Braddock choosing between the Amulet of Right and the Sword of Might.

When a new Captain Britain was chosen, Merlyn and Roma offered the choice between two items: the Amulet of Right and the Sword of Might. Which item they choose will affect their overall powers, as well as general costume. Choosing the Amulet represents the path of reason while the Sword represents the path of violence.[2][3][1] Generally, Merlyn and Roma seek those who choose the path of the Amulet, but, on occasion, one who chooses the sword may become a Captain Briton.[4]

When Brian Braddock was initially offered the choice by Merlyn, he chose the Amulet of Right.[5][3]

Following the death of Merlyn, control of Otherworld fell to Roma. Unfortunately, Mastermind impersonated Roma to seized control and obtained the Amulet of Right with plans to concur the cosmos.[6] Mastermind was eventually defeated by Captain Britain and Excalibur.[7]

During the Skrull invasion of Earth, Skrulls raided Otherworld stealing the Amulet of Right, the Sword of Might, and the Holy Grail. These and other magical items were converted into a chain to be worn by one of their mystics.[8] Using Excalibur, Captain Britain was able to defeat and decapitate the Skrull mystic. He also destroyed the magical, converted chain restoring magic.[9]

Betsy returning the Amulet of Right to Brian

While visiting Avalon in Otherworld, Captain Britain was infected by Morgan Le Fay's magic becoming her dark champion and giving up the Amulet of Right to his sister, Betsy Braddock, who donned the Amulet to become the new Captain Britain.[10] Betsy was eventually able to free Brian from le Fay's control, but because of his trauma, Brian chose the Sword of Might over the Amulet of Right when he was offered the choice again by Merlyn and Roma in a dream. Distraught about his choice, Brian asked Betsy to keep the title of Captain Britain.[1]

When Jamie Braddock created a reality incursion where an alternative version of Excalibur was caught in a middle of a war between Britain and Krakoa, that version of Betsy was killed in combat. Following a second reality incursion, each of the remaining four members of Excalibur, namely Gambit, Jubilee, Rictor, and Rogue, was chosen to take up a version of the Amulet of Right from Betsy's corpse and become a new Captain Britain, forming a new Captain Britain Corps.[11]

During the attack of the First Horsemen of Apocalypse on the Starlight Citadel, Saturnyne intervened and set a contest where the forces of Krakoa and Arakko would each have ten swordbearers fighting in Otherworld.[12] Both Betsy and Brian, as well as the Sword of Might and an unknown Starlight Sword, were prophesied to be part of the contest.[12][13] Before the tournament, Saturnyne tried to force Betsy to step away from the mantle of Captain Britain and return the Amulet of Power to Brian. As part of a ruse, Betsy permanently destroyed the Amulet of Power with her psychic powers. Saturnyne then forged the Starlight Sword from the very walls of the Starlight Citadel to be wielded by Captain Britain, as a replacement to the Amulet of Power and to the Sword of Might.[14]


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