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Amy Bendix joined alongside her friends in working with the Russian Mafia in transporting camera films. However, she began to run away after merceneries massacred her friends, leading her to Lola's Roadhouse Bar. She informed Sergei Konchevsky through a call that she would meet him in the bar the following night. After leaving, she picked a locked motel room and housed herself inside for the night, later waking to a maid entering the room.

Waiting for Konchevsky, Bendix went to the bar's restroom, initially deciding to escape through a window, only to be pulled back inside by Marlena Olin and her group. Quickly, she received aid from Punisher/Frank Castle, who fought off multiple merceraries, both armed and unarmed in the bar. Afterwards, she helped in aiding Beth Quinn and, being pulled inside by Castle, traveled in his van. Bendix was instructed to locate a nearby hospital, in which the two dispatched her to the paramedics for the inflicted gunshot wound.[5]

Powers and Abilities


  • Expert Thief



  • Backpack
    • Laptop


  • BB Gun
  • Glock 19
  • Desert Eagle Mark XIX: After successfully disarming a hitman, Bendix threatened and wounded him.
  • Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun: Upon acquiring the shotgun and seeking shelter in a rundown trailer, Bendix and Castle utilized it for self-defense. She would later use it to injury Pilgrim as he fought Hoyle.


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