Amy and her brother David were raised in the country so their father, an astronomer, could study the stars. From an early age, something seemed off about Amy's brother; he experienced hallucinations of moving objects with his mind and heard strange voices in his head. By the time he was in high school, he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Only years later would Amy admit that she felt something was amiss. On one occasion, she likened her childhood with David to growing up in a haunted house -- she would hear strange noises in the night, objects moved on their own, David seemed to vanish from one place and reappear in another. Still, Amy trusted the doctors' judgement and she stood by her brother's side. The siblings acted as each other's confidants. Still, David's illness kept plaguing him, and after an unsuccessful suicide attempt, her brother was admitted to Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital.

Amy regularly visited her brother, and tried to assure him that he would recover and return home. David himself remained skeptical. Amy married a man named Ben and they moved in together. Amy and Ben were surprised on Halloween night six years after David's admission to Clockworks. David explained that the doctors had cleared him, and she agreed to let him stay for a few days. David left not long after when the police called him in for questioning about the death of his fellow patient and close friend, Lenny Busker. Mysteriously, David escaped, and Amy went back to Clockworks, hoping to find answers.

The doctors at Clockworks acted strangely towards Amy, and even tried to convince Amy that there was no such person as David Haller. Frustrated, Amy walked away when she heard what sounded like her brother calling her name. Confused, Amy did not notice three heavily armed men behind her. Unbeknownst to Amy, these men were agents of Division Three, a covert government organization that had posed as police officers and tried to capture David a while ago.[1][2]

Division Three specialized in studying and trying to control mutants, humans born with unusual abilities. They explained that David was not schizophrenic but an extremely powerful mutant with psychic powers. With David at large, humans would be in serious danger. At first, Amy refused, standing by her conviction that David was mentally ill. The man tortured her, using leeches and electric shocks, and mentally tormented her for David's state of being. Finally, Amy gave in and admitted what she had always suspected about her brother. Still, she insisted that she knew nothing about her brother, let alone where to find him.[3]


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