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At one point Amy Powell started dating Lance Bannon , and by mutual agreement the two decided to have an open relationship in which they could both hang out with other people. After a couple of years the two began to see other people to provoke one another.[1] At one point Amy thought of making Lance jealous by going out with Peter Parker as his biggest competitor in selling photos to the Daily Bugle, but he ignored her because he was still mourning the apparent death of Black Cat.[2]

Amy kept trying to meet Peter, but he could never find him because of his double life. Eventually, Amy managed to invite Peter to have a coffee, and he accepted for sheer education because he had discovered that the Black Cat was alive, and had started a relationship with her. Lance saw everything and decided to intervene.[3] The next day, Lance took Peter to a bar and explained the situation between him and Amy, and irritated the young Parker telephoned the blonde to clarify the situation, but she did not let him talk and made an appointment for eight. Peter decided to go there with Lance so as not to get caught up in a hateful triangle.[1]

Amy showed up at Peter's apartment an hour before they were supposed to meet at the restaurant because she wanted to have a picnic indoors. Once she arrived, she started kissing Peter, but was interrupted by the arrival of Peter's ex-girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson, who wanted to give him the keys to the apartment. Soon after, Lance and Amy also arrived if she left angrily; at that point Peter convinced his colleague to run after her.[4] Eventually Lance joined Amy in a bar and the two cleared up deciding to start a serious relationship.[4]

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