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Ana Cortés was the only child of the founder and CEO of the Cortés Syndicate. At age 18, she inherited the company after her father's death.[1]

In the search for true power, she hired Reiko who put Lady Deathstrike's consciousness into Ana's body. Reiko also gave her access to the nanites and provide information about Omega Sentinel. Wanting to get Karima's cybernetic enhancements, Ana organized the attack on the Jean Grey School, but failed due to misinformation about members of the X-Men. She paid Reiko once again to hack the School's systems and provide the proper, current intel about the X-Men and Omega Sentinel, but Reiko found something more interesting - information about Arkea.[1]

Ana formed a new Sisterhood of Mutants, recruiting Typhoid Mary, and later Enchantress, and together they helped Arkea to return. Under Arkea's leadership, Enchantress resurrected Selene and planned to resurrect Madelyne Pryor.[2]

Afraid of what had become of her life and what Arkea wanted to achieve, Ana contacted the X-Men and told them about the current location of the Sisterhood, and then committed suicide. Arkea extracted Lady Deathstrike's consciousness from Ana's body, and used her powers to reshape it, while Enchantress put Madelyne Pryor's soul into it.[3]



Regeneration: Thanks to the nanites inside her body, Ana can instantaneously regenerate from injuries and remain youthful forever.[citation needed]


Skilled Swordsmanship[citation needed]

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