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Ana Helstrom was a daughter of Victoria Helstrom and a demon possessing a human body. Like her brother, she inherited her father's nature and his abilities although she wouldn't learn until his true nature until later in life. Her father became a serial killer, who frequently went on "business trips" to torture and kill young women and would bring pieces of their jewelry as gifts for Ana. Eventually, he kidnapped Ana and took her with him, allowing her to see many his of victims firsthand. She eventually escaped after her father buried her alive, confident that she would survive. Ana was found by the Caretaker, who put her into the foster are system, while keeping a watch over her.

Ana met Chris Yen as children when both were abused by their foster father. After Ana killed their abuser, Chris helped her cover the tracks and the two became close friends for life.[2] Years later, they opened an antiquities trading business together, using it to front and fund their vigilante justice activities. Chris would use his boyfriend Derrick Jackson's LAPD access to find people suspected of violent crimes, Ana would use her supernatural abilities to confirm their guilt, after which the pair would kill them, with Chris helping Ana dispose of all evidence.[1]



  • Telekinesis: Like all demons, Ana has a power of telekinesis.[3]
  • Psychometry: By touching a person or an object, Ana can see past violent events associated with them.[1]
  • Pyrokinesis: After long assuming that it was limited to her brother, Ana discovered that was had a power over the fire as well.[4]
  • Lifeforce draining: Ana has the ability to drain people's lifeforce by touching them. Although eventually fatal, if she stops early enough the victims only feel a form of mild fatigue.[2]


  • Sydney Lemmon portrayed Ana Helstrom in the Hulu series Helstrom while Erica Tremblay portrays young Ana.

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