Stigmata was assigned to protect ex-dictator Franco Santera as he spoke at a small church in New York. She was also told to keep an eye on him and make sure he had really repented.

Santera's speech was interrupted by a terrorist attack. Stigmata defeated several of the terrorists before she was knocked out by the poison of the terrorists' cyborg leader, Teraknid. Stigmata was bound and gagged by the terrorists.

After the arrival of Venom and the Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch), the terrorist plot began to unravel, and Santera revealed he himself hired them to gain publicity and planned to kill all witnesses. A nun un-gaged Stigmata, and, with the Ghost Rider, she defeated Santera and took him to prison.


Stigmata is a mutant with enhanced strength and agility. When she speaks the words "¡Ángel Gabriel, soldado puro del padre santo, ayúdame!" (Spanish: "Angel Gabriel, pure soldier of the patron saints, help me!"), she transforms into a glowing blue form resembling an angel with the powers of flight and intangibility.

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