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Ana Watson was the friend and confidente of May Parker, visiting her frequently.[1]

At one point, May revealed Ana that the former was worried about her nephew, Peter Parker, who had been depressed ever since his girlfriend Gwen Stacy had left New York City to live in London. Initially Ana disregarded her friends' fears, thinking that Gwen was simply a crush and Peter would easily forget her in a month - but May told Ana that Peter had been like that for four months, ever since Gwen had left. After seeing Peter in person, Ana changed her mind and presented a new idea: May should write Gwen a letter, explaining that Peter was feeling too bad without her. Ana suggested that Gwen may come back and eventually marry Peter - something that May was shocked to hear, as she considered Peter to be too young. Ana then helped May write the letter. Gwen received the letter and took a plane back to New York City.[1]

Ana Watson was also, apparently the aunt of Mary Jane Watson, Peter's friend and classmate at the University.[2]


  • Her Earth-616's counterpart's name is Anna, with two N's. On Earth-TRN911, her name is Ana, with one N. Earth-TRN911 is the continuity of Mexican comic-books published in Spanish and, in Spanish, Ana is a common female name, and Anna is not.

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