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Ananastasia dropped out of FBI training when she could not complete the psych training, which included handling Bellevue patients. After working as a security specialist in Miami, she was imprisoned for an undisclosed offense under an assumed name.[1]

Upon release, Anna was an exotic dancer before discovering a talent for tattoo art. Romanced by several mobsters, including Vincent Calabresse, Anna had a secret affair with an NYPD officer, Fred Pierson. From Calabresse, Anna received full-time bodyguard, Busta Bloodvessel, a former rapper who retired after a heart attack.[2]

Anna and Pierson plotted to use Deadpool to free her of her mobster lovers and cash in on a million dollar insurance policy on Pierson's wife. Ananastasia acted as a go-between for Pierson who hired Deadpool to kill Anna’s other lovers under the pretense that the mobsters had threatened his family over Pierson's undercover work. Ananastasia's beauty soon entranced Deadpool, and Anna seemed genuinely attracted to him despite his disfigurements.[3]

Following Anna's murder of Pierson's wife, made to look like a mob hit, and Deadpool's botched hit on Calabresse, the sole survivor of Wade's efforts, Deadpool told Ananastasia his suspicions about Bloodvessel being in cahoots with the mobsters. Anna ambushed Deadpool, knocking him unconscious with a shovel, and she and Pierson then buried Deadpool alive.[3]

When Pierson told Anna he received much less money than planned, Anna - knowing he was lying - tied up Pierson and returned to save Deadpool. When Pierson told Deadpool the double cross was Anna's idea, she murdered Pierson, as well as Busta's informant, Sandee Savage, with the same gun she used to kill Pierson's wife.[4]

Calabresse and Bloodvessel approached as Anna asked Deadpool to run away with her, and a furious Calabresse forced Busta to crash his car in an attempt to kill Anna. The resulting explosion killed Calabresse and left Bloodvessel unconscious. Anna tried to prove her sincerity and trust in Deadpool by giving him her gun, but Deadpool, noting she did not know him at all, shot her.[4]


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Ananastasia is a skilled street fighter and has experience with handguns. She is also skilled in tattooing, as an exotic dancer, and in manipulating people.[1]

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