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Anastasia Inyushin (Earth-148611) from Untold Tales of the New Universe Psi-Force Vol 1 1 001.png

Anastasia 'Stasi' Inyushin was a Russian girl with the paranormal ability to make plants grow. She was being tested by the KGB at the facility known as the Siberian Project when the so-called White Event boosted her powers to an incredible degree, giving her the power to heal seemingly any illness or injury in any living thing. Rescued and brought to America by Emmett Proudhawk, Stasi became a member of Psi-Force, the quintet of youths with paranormal powers that Proudhawk had gathered together out of a desire to protect them. The gentle, duty and loyalty driven Stasi remained with the group, her surrogate family, following Proudhawk's death.

Due to a misunderstanding, she was later shot dead by the US Army.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Anastasia was a paranormal who possessed the psionic ability to heal injuries and diseases. She also learned to manifest the Psi-Hawk with her fellow Psi-Force members.


Anastasia's use of her powers weakened her.

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