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Ana and her brother Alexei were the children of the famous hunter Sergei Kravinoff and joined him on the hunt for Spider-Man in the New York City. They obtained Life-Model Decoys and observation drones from the Tinkerer and used them to observe the fighting tactics of Spider-Man and his allies. Seeing Spider-Man as the "alpha" of his pack, Kraven wished to fight him one-on-one and separated him from Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales by neutralizing them with sedatives.[1] Ana and Alexei put their captives in a vibranium cage, but the Spiders were able to break free by hitting the lock, the only non-vibranium part of it, after which they fought and subdued the siblings. Afterwards, Kraven and his children were arrested for trafficking contraband vibranium from Wakanda.[2]

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