Eight years ago, Anatoly and his brother Vladimir were prisoners at the Utkin Prison in Siberia. They managed to escape, and set out to move to America. In the present, they were the leaders of "the Russians," a criminal organization located in Hell's Kitchen, specialized in operations involving human trafficking, and allied with Wilson Fisk.[1]

One of their cover ups, which helped with the distribution of Madame Gao's drugs, was a Taxi company called Veles taxi, which grew enormously when the owner of a rival company called Kitchen Cab, Mr. Prohaszka, was killed under the orders of Fisk, and their operations passed to Veles taxi. When a masked vigilante interfered in their activities, Fisk offered them to absorb their operations. At first they refused, and tried to deal with the vigilante by tracking down his ally Claire Temple. After Claire was rescued by the vigilante, and the Russians lost their only trail to get to him, Vladimir decided to accept Fisk's offer, for which he sent his brother Anatoly to seal the deal.

However, Anatoly interrupted Fisk during dinner with Vanessa Marianna, forcing him to abruptly end the date. Fisk's men took care of Anatoly, and drove him to a location where Fisk beat him up for embarrassing him in front of Vanessa. Fisk ended up crushing Anatoly's head after banging his car's door furiously and repeatedly on his skull.[2]

His corpse was later found by the Russians, with the mask of the masked vigilante. Fisk had incriminated the masked man for Anatoly's murder to keep Vladimir and the Russian mob off-balance until he could get rid of them.[3]

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