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When he was young, Anatoly Rasputin joined the Solntsevskaya Bratva. His brother Nikolai greatly disapproved of this decision, for which he cut off Anatoly from his life, to the point he never revealed his children that they had an uncle. Anatoly still kept up with the lives of his nephew and niece, Piotr and Illyana, as they went on to become superheroes and members of the X-Men, better known as Colossus and Magik, respectively.[1]

Anatoly's boss Viktor Komolov got involved in the magic arts and helped bring back to life the supervillain Omega Red; however, the ritual carried out to this end could only bear temporary results. Because of this, Viktor and Anatoly devised a plan to take advantage of his relationship with Magik, who was a powerful sorceress.[2] Under the pretense he was warning the X-Men about Komolov's activities, Anatoly meet up with Piotr and Illyana in Russia, and the X-Men observed from a distance. The reunion turned out to be an ambush, and Komolov's men kidnapped Magik.[1]

Anatoly tried to further play Piotr, and offered him to take him to Komolov's hideout. Piotr accompanied Anatoly, pretending to be his prisoner. When Viktor ordered Anatoly to kill Piotr, he was ready to comply. However, the X-Men intervened, because they were wary of Anatoly's true intentions. Following the defeat of Viktor and Omega Red, Magik was rescued, and Anatoly was arrested. He was taken to the Lefortovo Prison.[2]



Black Magic: Anatoly has gained some degree of knowledge in the black arts, courtesy of his boss Viktor Komolov.[3]

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