The Ancients[1] or Old Ones are the elders of the Aqueos,[3] including either or both:

  • The first of the Aqueos,[2] created by the Great Old Ones[4] using Sh'g'th tissue, a formless substance used to create unholy life, circa 18,000 BC, after the sinking of Atlantis and Deviant Lemuria.
  • elderly vampire Aqueos (vampirized Atlanteans, Lemurians, and other undersea people), who eventually gain a more piscine form, sprouting tails, patagial rowth between limbs, and eventually bloat, rendering verbal comunication and motion difficult,[1] seemingly impossible,[2] and causing them to depend on others for feeding.[1]

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They remained in the Tomb, in the Aqueos city of R'llyeh, in Black Smokers' Trench,[2] in the Pacific Ocean.[1]

They, and their eldritch energy radiation power-boost to Aqueos warriors/drones, were documented in an obscure footnote about the old vamp-races, in the darkest of the dark books, the Necronomicon,[3] believed to be one of many imperfect copies of the ancient writings etched on the walls of R'llyeh.

The knowledge of the Old Ones was passed down, from an Aqueos to its Aqueos spawn.[2]

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Modern Age

In the midst of the war betweeen the X-Men and the Vampire Nation, the Shallow Peace between Atlantis and the Aqueos was broken after Namor led a party in Black Smokers' Trench to retrieve Dracula's head, and fought the Aqueos,[5] led by Namor's grandfather Thakorr.

In order to annihilate the Aqueos by using a separation charm, Namor led a party (including Abira and the Tridents) into R'llyeh. Namor and Abira entered the Tomb where they prepared the charm in front of the ancient Aqueos, unable to move, as Namor was going to sacrifice himself, as the spell required all of the blood of a king. The tentative was interrupted by Thakorr.[2]

The Old Ones' last word

The Old Ones' end

The ancients witnessed their fight. Having discovered the Necronomicon information about the Old Ones' eldritch energy radiation power-boost to the Aqueos drones/warriors, Young X-Man Loa (Alani Ryan) and Logomancer arrived in the battle, and cancelled out the power-boost using a simple static spell. Abira and Namor finally defeated Thakorr, and used him to power the charm. It was mostly succeful, though some Aqueos survived it. The ancient Aqueos were seemingly all destroyed.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Presumably those of the Aqueos.

Eldritch Energy Radiation Power-Boost: The ancient Aqueos radiated eldritch energy, which gave a power-boost to near Aqueos' warriors/drones.[3]


Bloated, they cannot,[2] or difficulty, move or speak, making them dependent on others for feeding.[1]


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