The Ancient One was a powerful mystic and the leader of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, she had the responsibility of training new mystics and guide them in their studies of magic.

When one of her students became evil after believing she was limiting his progress by hiding things from him, he used an existing dimensional rift to open a portal to the Dark Dimension and with the help of the ruler of that dimension become stronger.

The Ancient One ended up trapped by a creature from the Dark Dimension that came through the portal Kaecilius opened. Later the Avengers Academy freed her most talented student Doctor Strange and started battling Kaecilius, his Zealots and the creatures of the Dark Dimension together.

When Strange went to free her from the creature, she freed herself instead. Strange asked her if she could do that, why did she not do it earlier and help them out, the Ancient One told him she wanted to observe how her students would deal with the situation instead of interfering, she also used that time to go into the Astral Dimension and contact previous Ancient Ones on how to deal best with the current situation.[1]


Seemingly those of the Ancient One of Earth-199999.


Seemingly those of the Ancient One of Earth-199999.

  • The Ancient One told Pepper Potts she was appointed to her position very recently, after being questioned why she looks so young while being called Ancient.[1]

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