The Ancient One shared history with her counterpart from Earth-199999 up until the the Battle of New York in 2012. While defending the Sanctum Sanctorum from the rogue Chitauri crafts, she was approached by the Hulk from a possible future of Earth-199999. Bruce Banner was expecting to find Doctor Strange, being unaware that as of 2012 he had no relations to the Masters of the Mystic Arts yet. The Ancient One however, was full aware that Strange was destined to become her successor, having seen countless possible futures through the Time Stone, contained in the Eye of Agamotto. Banner attempted to take the Eye away in order to use to undo the Decimation caused by Thanos in his timeline, but the Ancient One effortlessly pushed his astral form out of his physical body. Banner then spend some time attempting to persuade her by explaining his situation, but the Ancient One countered that removing the Time Stone from its timeline could jeopardize and possibly doom her new reality. Banner bargained for his position by promising to return the Time Stone back at the moment they took it after the Avengers were done with it, as well as the others. The Ancient One refused to risk her reality on the promise until Banner mentioned that in his future Stephen Strange has surrendered the Time Stone to Thanos willingly. Realizing that Strange, who was destined to become the greatest of all the Masters of the Mystic Arts, must have done it for a reason, the Ancient One put Doctor Banner back in his Hulk body and gave the Time Stone to him, asking him to keep his promise at all costs.[1]


Those of the Ancient One of Earth-199999.


Those of the Ancient One of Earth-199999.



  • Dimensional portals

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