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The Ancient One shared history with her counterpart from Earth-199999 up until the the Battle of New York in 2012. While defending the Sanctum Sanctorum from the rogue Chitauri crafts, she was approached by the Hulk from a possible future of Earth-199999. Bruce Banner was expecting to find Doctor Strange, being unaware that as of 2012 he had no relations to the Masters of the Mystic Arts yet. The Ancient One however, was full aware that Strange was destined to become her successor, having seen countless possible futures through the Time Stone, contained in the Eye of Agamotto. Banner attempted to take the Eye away in order to use to undo the Blip caused by Thanos in his timeline, but the Ancient One effortlessly pushed his astral form out of his physical body. Banner then spend some time attempting to persuade her by explaining his situation, but the Ancient One countered that removing the Time Stone from its timeline could jeopardize and possibly doom her new reality. Banner bargained for his position by promising to return the Time Stone back at the moment they took it after the Avengers were done with it, as well as the others. The Ancient One refused to risk her reality on the promise until Banner mentioned that in his future Stephen Strange has surrendered the Time Stone to Thanos willingly. Realizing that Strange, who was destined to become the greatest of all the Masters of the Mystic Arts, must have done it for a reason, the Ancient One put Doctor Banner back in his Hulk body and gave the Time Stone to him, asking him to keep his promise at all costs.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Master Sorcerer: The Ancient One possessed substantial mastery of the mystic arts, which she used to defend her native reality from threats of a mystical nature. Many of the feats this knowledge confers comes from manipulating extra-dimensional energy to control matter.

  • Astral Projection: The Ancient One is capable of separating her astral form from her body in order to traverse the Astral Dimension. In this form she exists in a non-coporeal state, able to pass through walls and remain unseen by those in the physical world. She is also able to free the astral form of another person in her vicinity, and communicate with that person in the Astral Dimension.
  • Conjuring: The Ancient One is able to harness extra-dimensional energy to form weapons and shields for use in combat. These typically have an orange glowing appearance. She also has some capacity to override the conjured armaments of others, effectively able to ignore binding attacks used upon her, and then effortlessly yank her attackers off their feet.
  • Dimensional Travel: The Ancient One carries a Sling Ring to create sustained portals between two points on the planet. She can also invoke a transition to the Mirror Dimension, for himself and others. She is also capable of using herself as a spiritual anchor to safely send others to other dimensions and then return them to the physical world, as she was able to forcibly send Stephen Strange's consciousness flying across multiple dimensions by touching his head and then return him back to Earth. She could access the Mirror Dimension even without a Sling Ring, as she brought Stephen Strange to the Mirror Dimension and send both herself and the Zealots to the Mirror Dimension to begin their first fight all without using a Sling Ring.
  • Matter Control: The Ancient One can manipulate physical matter. She restricts such activities to the confines of the Mirror Dimension where the world can be reshaped without impacting the natural order of the real world.
  • Time Manipulation: As all Sorcerers Supreme are the only ones among the Masters of the Mystic Arts who have free access to the Eye of Agamotto and Book of Cagliostro, the Ancient One presumably has the knowledge and ability needed to use the artifact's powers over time, although she has never been seen or known to use them. She was known to be able to use the Eye to gain a limited power to peer through time, which granted her a degree of awareness of possible futures. She had foreseen that she would one day die despite being immortal, but could not see the circumstances of her death until it actually occurred. While she was unable to see the exact future of Doctor Strange due to his vastly flexible personality, imagination, and intellect, she could still predict possible paths he would take. She also displayed the power to manipulate time to an extent even without using the Eye of Agamotto, as she was able to manipulate time to cause snow to fall around the hospital via her astral form while dying so she can watch snowfall for one last time.
  • Virtual Immortality: The Ancient One has had her life expectancy greatly extended by drawing extradimensional energy from the Dark Dimension to prolong her life for centuries. Her physical aging has largely been suspended, thus permanently preserving physical vitality such as endurance and strength. Despite living for centuries she is still biologically human and can die from wounds and physical trauma. She still requires sustenance and has to eat, sleep, breathe.
  • Illusion Casting: Ancient One was able to create an illusion of the Infinity Stones, conjuring up formations of fiery energy, while speaking with Bruce Banner's astral form.
  • Telekinesis: The Ancient One was able to influence objects and people with mere gestures, as seen when she moved the body of Hulk towards Bruce Banner's astral form to return it to his body. While using this ability, a golden mist appeared around the object she was influencing.


  • Master Martial Artist: The Ancient One is a highly skilled combatant, having learned and adapted over the centuries.
  • Scholar: The Ancient One has amassed a vast amount of knowledge throughout her years. Her knowledge of the mystic arts is of the highest order, and despite her ancient origins she is also quite conversant with modern developments.




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