It is unknown so far if the Ancient Ones are related to the Ancients, to the Old Ones, to another group or race, or even if they are a group or race on their own and not a term for various entities and groups. This page could consequently be split or merged into other pages in the future depending on the publication of new material (Discuss).


The Ancient Ones were a group of (or many) ancient beings who were more or less active on Earth.

Their alignment remains unclear, they've been described as dreaded by humans and associated with dark magic,[3] but have also entombed (for unrevealed motives) the evil Dark Angels.[1]

They have been called the Ancients,[3] while Shuma-Gorath, one of the Great Old Ones, was called an Ancient One.[4]


Early Years

For unrevealed motives, the Ancient Ones (allegedly the only beings powerful enough to do so) entombed the evil Dark Angels, Atyah and her sister, going through great trouble to produce the Jewelled Sword of Tem which maintained them dormant in ice. Their resting place became known as the Tomb of the Dark Angels, in the Valley of Eternal Darkness, in Aesgaard.[1]

Hyborian Age of Conan

Manu-Kaleem, seemingly connected to the Ancients, invoked the name the Ancient Ones.[2]

On the day of Sultas, the Umir Monks of the Umir Monastery in Western Shem used Sacred Scrolls to ask Umir to sent their prayers to the Ancient Ones.[3]


Representatives: Shuma-Gorath,[4] one of the Great Old Ones.


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