Origin and early years

Those hideous ancient things of evil were stated to be "otherwordly",[2] from unknown origin (wild guessess including outer space, another dimension, and Hell),[1] though they were also described as "beings from the stars",[3][2] and as "horrific alien beings"[4]

They were seemingly known as the Ancients (see notes).

Rulers of Earth

They were the rulers of Earth a long time ago. They lived on the planet, built huge cities (including R'llyeh, rumored to be the "First Atlantis", known as the "Seventh World of the Ancients", as it was described in the Lemurian Witch-Scrolls), and worked magic in unimmaginable ways. They kept their servants in chains, letting them to live and die in their dark glory.

On the walls in the Tomb, in R'llyeh, their magic was carved into writings, which were theorized by the Logomancer to be the source of all magic of Earth, and to have been imperfectly copied in such books as the Darkhold, the Necronomicon, the Oracles of Zoroaster, among other mystic scrolls and books[1] (see notes).

At some point in the past, the stars turned round in the sky, and the "things" were gone.[1]

Great Cataclysm and Hyborian Age

When Atlantis sank and humans returned to the sea, that ancient evil woke.[1]

The "unidentified" other type of Aqueos

Those beings from the stars used Sh'g'th tissue, a formless substance used to create unholy life, and created the first Aqueos, who went to live in R'llyeh.[2]

Additionally to the Vampires (vampirized Atlanteans, Lemurians, and other undersea peoples) and the vampirized Faceless Ones, the Aqueos included an unidentified "other" type, believed to be connected to the "ancient, otherworldly evil",[1] the ancient "things".[2]

The subsequent fate of those beings remains unrevealed.


Representatives: Possibly Chthon (see notes)


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