The Ancients were a group similar to the Old Ones,[4] who may or may not[5] had been contemporary with them, or a sub-set from them.[4]

They, including a water elemental, used to rule Earth even before humanity developed language and started adoring them.

Horrible creatures, the Ancients inhabited the citadel on the uncharted island that became the base of Magneto, and commited "unspeakeble atrocities" that causing and even the stones to radiate a primal malevolence that could never be purged, whether by time or effort. They apparently built statues made of crystalline circuity matrix, devices serving as guardian unites intended to protect the citadel.[3]
It is unclear whether the Ancients mentioned here are the group of beings known as the Ancients and possibly connected to the Old Ones, or if the term was used a generic name for the ancient creatures inhabiting the island.

They were eventually defeated and bound by magic who used human sacrifice and black magic.[1]

Hyborian Age

Manu-Kaleem uttered dreaded maledictions in the lost tongue of the Ancients.[2] It is unknown what relation existed between Manu-Kaleem and the Ancients, and if he was one of them.

Modern Age

While fighting Urthona, Doctor Strange was forced to destroy many objects of powers to swipe his enemy, but in doing so released many ancient evils,[6] including the water elemental of the Ancients,[1] and many Old Ones.[citation needed] The water elemental invaded Martin Fein's body, went to the Sanctum Sanctorum and attacked Strange, provoked him in revealing that by killing the host, Strange would kill him as well. To the Ancient's surprise, Strange choose to destroy him at the cost of Martin Fein's life.[1]


Cultural Traits: The Ancients had their own tongue, lost at the time of the Hyborian Age.[2]
Representatives: The water elemental.[1]

Various beings have been called "The Ancient", and might be part of this group, including Thog the Ancient[7] (who is a confirmed Old One),[4] The Ancient that dwelt in the Misty Moutains,[8] Khosatral Khel, "the Ancient from the Abyss".[9]


The race of the Ancients that looked for Paul Destine in Saga of the Sub-Mariner #1 were the Lemurians.[10]

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