Andamo was a Zingaran swordsman who was was captured in Yezud along with Welyn and Moru, but they were eventually freed by Daedikaron, Tros, Ixastophanis and Shimata-Kawa.[1] After killing a horde of Demons sent by Tolometh, Andamo received a vision to search for the amulet in Shan-E-Sork, west of Aghrapur.[2] Andamo was later fighting for Lord Pollus in Charnina and recruited Conan into the Pollusites.[3] Andamo was loyal to Lord Pollus only to retrieve the amulet shard which fell from Sutekh's charred remains, despite the death of his lover Moina.[4] Preferring to serve a god, he switched sides and allied with the Patriarch of Tolometh, who named him his bodyguard, and Little Shadow, which chanted to him a song about Tolometh's return.[5] He confronted his fellow seekers when they entered the Patriarch's inner sanctum, dueling to death with Moru.[6]

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