Anderthorp Henton was an high-ranking executive officer at Alchemax Corporation's Board of Directors.[1][3] He was the company's Director-General[1] as well as Chief Executive Officer of its anti-pollution subsidiary, Eco Central,[3] often acting as Alchemax's public Deputy Chief Executive Officer[2] while C.E.O. Avatarr, the real power at Alchemax, operated behind the scenes, secretly pulling the company's strings.[4]

Henton was a renowned hedonist, frequently relaxing in holo-drama starring himself as the virile hero over a brothel of scantily clad super-heroines from the Heroic Age.[1][5] He also had a tendency to openly discuss classified corporate information in front of secretaries or other staff, then casually murder them to preserve the secrecy.[1]

As Alchemax Director-General, he had appointed renowned hero of the Pollution Wars Paul-Philip Ravage as Eco Central Police Force's Commander, who had no idea about Alchemax's illegal and environmentally unfriendly (but very profitable) practices.[1]

After Ravage began asking too many questions about Alchemax's illegal activities, Henton publicly branded him as a Polluter traitor, and turned into an outlaw.[1] Although the frame-up was successful, the elimination was not, and Ravage became a growing thorn in Alchemax's side. C.E.O. Avatarr eventually had Henton murdered for his failures, and turned his responsibilities over to Darrly King, who became C.E.O. of Eco Central.[6]

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