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Quote1 You Americans! You can never keep from interfering in matters which do not concern you! If it is not politics, it is war. And if it is not war--it is crime! Always, you interfere-- but this time, your interference will be futile! This time, you have encountered the Cyclone! Quote2

A French engineer whose wind-generating weapon was rejected by the NATO, he stole his own technology to begin an international criminal career, favoring American targets. After kidnapping American editor J. Jonah Jameson, who was in Paris for business, Cyclone was defeated by Spider-Man and sent to jail. He was released and recruited by crime syndicate Maggia's Big M as a thug and assassin, but he was again defeated by Spider-Man and Moon Knight. Operating as a criminal in the American Midwest, he was one of the victims of the the Scourge of the Underworld in his infamous Bar with No Name massacre, after which his technology and alias were used by several other criminals. Crimelord The Hood resurrected Cyclone and other Scourge victims in a plot against the Punisher, but Cyclone did not survive the mission.



André Gerard was a French[3][8][9] mechanical engineer[3] working for North Atlantic Treaty Organization.[4][5][11] He developed the Cyclone,[5] technology to generate wind vortices strong as tornadoes,[4] to be used as a weapon of war.[4][5] Per Gerard's own recall, which may be biased,[4] his NATO superiors rejected his device on the grounds that it was impractical,[11] not needed for their strategy,[5] and that NATO bought exotic weaponry only from the United States. They also made Gerard redundant.[4][5] Humiliated and vengeful,[10] Gerard grew to despise Americans[5] and decided to get even with them.[4]

André Gerard (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 144

André Gerard

Gerard appropriated the machinery he himself had contrived to commence a career as a costumed criminal,[8] first developing a Cyclone-technology-using suit for the European branch of the international crime syndicate Maggia,[12] then organizing a team of at least three[5] masked minions,[4] with a secret lair within the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.[5] Using the nom de guerre Cyclone (but making no effort to keep his true name a secret),[3][4] Gerard devoted his efforts to international-scale extortion and kidnapping.[11] His team was familiar with the extent of his technology-based powers.[13]

Jameson's Kidnapping[]

J. Jonah Jameson, publisher of American newspaper Daily Bugle, travelled to Paris[4][13] purportedly in a business trip,[5] but also trying to avoid the ramifications of him funding the criminal activities of Daniel Berkhart, aka Mysterio.[8] Cyclone abducted Jameson, then forced Jameson to wire his city editor and friend Joseph Robertson in New York City so that Robertson would bring one million dollars from the Bugle account,[13] in negotiable stocks[5] or bonds,[4] to Paris, to pay his ransom.[4][5][13] Unable to prove yet any wrongdoing, Robertson asked Bugle freelance photographer Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, to go to Paris with him.[13]

André Gerard (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 143 001

Cyclone in Paris during the Jameson case

Cyclone tracked Robertson from the moment the later arrived to Paris, and phone him to the hotel to arrange the delivery. Robertson was sent into a taxi that covered the city so he would not be followed, but Spider-Man managed to do so. Finally, Cyclone's followers met Robertson at the river bank, harassing and knocking him down. Spider-Man confronted the goons to save Robertson but, before he could take Robertson to safety,[13] Cyclone battled Spider-Man.[3][13] Using his powers, Cyclone demolished a building on Spider-Man, then left by generating a twister to carry his senseless stooges[13] and Robertson as a new hostage.[4][13] Cyclone did allow Spider-Man to recover, so he could send the message that the ransom was still mandatory for the lives of his two prisoners,[13] but he also sent later a threatening note to the hotel and sent two of his thugs to harass Robertson's fellow traveller Parker, to ensure he would bring the money to Notre Dame the following day.[5]

In the Cathedral, Cyclone and his two hoodlums retained his prisoners. Cyclone told Jameson about his origin but, when Jameson called him crazy, Cyclone slapped him hardly. Then Spider-Man stealthed in the church and quickly got rid of Cyclone's two lackeys before revealing himself to Cyclone. While fighting, Spider-Man criticized Cyclone's crudeness by resorting to kidnapping and to desecrate holy ground. After taking a battering, Cyclone activated his powers by rotating, and sent Spider-Man in a whirlwind; but the later grabbed a ledge and escaped through the eye of the eye of the storm. Cyclone then prepared a second attack, but Spider-Man, a science university student, had built a secret weapon: A huge fan designed to create a counter-vortex to reverse Cyclone's. Although Cyclone believed his power was too great to be affected, the device indeed caused him to crash against a column, knocking him down.[5]

Maggia Assassin[]

After his defeat at Spider-Man's hands,[5][11] Cyclone was sent to a French prison[14] where he spent one year.[15] He was then released by the Masked Marauder, then-leader of the Nefaria family of[4][8][note 1] Maggia. Unlike other Maggia families, the Nefarias frequently used superpowered agents like Cyclone and other exotic resources. The Marauder had replaced Whitney Frost as the "Big M" or leader of the Nefaria family,[16] and had already confronted superheroes including Moon Knight and Spider-Man, so he required Cyclone to work for him[14] personally[15] in New York City,[4] United States, as his new enforcer,[3][4][14] assassin,[4][15] and overall thug.[10] Maggia returned Cyclone his technology in exchange for his loyalty.[15]

André Gerard, Marc Spector, Peter Parker (Earth-616) from Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 23

Cyclone as a Maggia assassin

Big M arranged a secret, important international encounter of high-ranking Maggiosi at Grant's Tomb, with security provided by Cyclone and at least four armed, costumed cronies (at least one of whom was French), but the most important protection for that was secrecy, as only the guests knew about the place and time. Moon Knight and Spider-Man met each other when both were trying to extract information from a Maggia minion; as the heroes were distracted confronting each other, the criminal phoned Big M from a public phone asking for reinforcements.[17] Big M sent Cyclone to kill both Spider-Man and Moon Knight,[3][4][10][14][17] and he easily floored both heroes with his twister attack.[17] While keeping his gales, Cyclone mentioned his previous encounter with Spider-Man, who was sticking to a wall with his powers to withstand the whirlwind. Moon Knight tried to ride the winds with his cape, but Cyclone kept control over each current and redirected them against his enemy. Spider-Man then approached Cyclone from behind, but Cyclone saw him, threw him against a wall, then catapulted both of them away, believing to have killed them both.[15] However, Spider-Man had survived by hiding in a sewer, and Moon Knight did so in a roof.[14][15]

Cyclone then focused his attention in the caller, who identified himself confident. Cyclone was not so happy: The guy had called Big M from a traceable, public phone, which was against the Maggia rules. Cyclone killed the man using his powers and left. Moon Knight and Spider-Man then regrouped. Spider-Man found a document in Cyclone's victim's pocket that marked Tomb's Grant, giving the heroes a clue when combined with Moon Knight's information. Moon Knight also obtained a capsule with liquefied gases to lower temperature in a small area, which he intended to use against Cyclone.[15]

Cyclone then went to Grant's Tomb to the meeting. Big M delayed his appearance (he was hiding in the coffin itself), but Cyclone insisted that the other Maggiosi had to wait. Meanwhile, Moon Knight and Spider-Man blocked the exits[15] and bursted in[4][14][15] from the roof. The heroes fought the criminals, with Cyclone not entering the fray yet because his powers were not that useful in closed environments, and because he risked injuring his own allies. He finally decided he could not risk Big M reaching at that point, so he started using his powers, even though his own men were blown away and maybe injured. Soon, Cyclone noticed that his enemies were covering, and that his attacks were making things worse for Maggia. From his hiding spot, Big M noticed so too, and decided to not reveal himself.[15]

Moon Knight then threw his capsule to Cyclone's feet. The sudden cold stunned Cyclone and hardened his legs, preventing him from moving to create a tornado. Unable to breath, Cyclone suffered a shock, slipped and collided against a wall at high speed, falling unconscious after that.[15] After Cyclone's defeat at the hands of Moon Knight,[4][14][15] he and Spider-Man captured the other attendees,[15] except for Big M, who was undetected and escaped.[18]

The Marauder was eventually captured and apparently control over the Nefaria family went back to Whitney Frost, then known as Madame Masque.[16] During further years, Cyclone continued being a loyal Maggioso,[3] with a successful criminal career in the American Midwest[3][4] as a runaway for justice.[19] He worked as a freelance criminal paid by maggia, sometimes bodyguarding high-ranking Maggiosi, and confronted European superheroes and Interpol.[12]

Cyclone was sent to New York on a menial job, to oversee the illegal shipment of automatic weapons for the European Maggia. After an argument with the American criminals, Cyclone activated his suit to intimidate them; but a failure in a regulator prevented him from turning off the vortex. Although Cyclone still controlled some of his functionality, he realized that he had to move to prevent the winds from accumulating in one place and causing too much damage, even destroying his own suit. Cyclone grabbed a phone book on the fly and discovered the address of an abandoned Brand Corporation warehouse on Cleveland Street, so he headed there to try and find the necessary equipment, causing havoc as he walked there. At least one superhero learned of this threat when the radio reported the rumor of a tornado heading north on Cleveland Street. Cyclone's threat was then stopped.[12][note 2]

Bar with No Name and Scourge[]

As a fugitive, Cyclone was allowed to enter in the Bar with No Name, a locale with premises in different cities[20] where criminals met for business or leisure.[19] Cyclone was at one of such venues during a bar brawl due to Impossible Man making some villains believe that their card game was cheated. Bar bouncer Angar the Screamer stopped the fight by knocking down Cyclone and the others with his superpowered sonic scream.[21][22]

At a later point, retired costumed criminal Gary Gilbert aka Firebrand, approached several other lawbreakers, including Cyclone, to interest them on a common threat:[6] A mysterious vigilante known as The Scourge of the Underworld had became a serial killer of supervillains,[4][6] having murdered at least thirteen of these with explosive bullets of his gun.[23] Gilbert wanted to arrange a villain meeting in the Bar with No Name in Medina County, Ohio on the following Saturday night, to discuss possible plans and strategies. Cyclone agreed to attend, along with some other fifty felons.[23]

André Gerard, Scourge (Delazny) and some other guys (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 16

The Scourge kills Cyclone and the others

The meeting was attended only by eighteen super criminals, including Cyclone and Firebrand; those using weapons were asked to leave them at the lobby, because Scourge used weapons and not natural superpowers. After Gilbert exposed the situation,[6] the Scourge revealed to have infiltrated, disguised as the bartender, and shot each and any of the patrons dead,[4][6][23] including Cyclone.[3][8][10] Scourge double-checked each of their victims before leaving.[19]

Supervillain Water Wizard had been invited too, but was mundanely delayed and arrived to find the structure as a slaughterhouse, seeing Cyclone's body laying against a wall. The Water Wizard reported the event to Captain America, a popular superhero. The sheriff office decided to provisionally withhold the identifies of the deceased, pending to notify their closest relatives, and also as a part of a plan to help the Captain capture the Scourge. The Captain defeated the Scourge, but the later was killed in the struggle.[19] Considering Cyclone and his other victims, the Scourge was always thought of as a terrorist who killed only criminals.[24] Eventually, Cyclone's death came to be publicly known.[25]

Soon after Gerard's death, villain biochemist Arnim Zola obtained DNA samples of Gerard and of several other deceased supervillains to generate artificial versions of them, using pre-formed proto-husks, to use as servants and minions; however, Deadpool invaded Zola's Dallas base and Zola unleashed his clonic Cyclone and other 17 cloned villains on him. Cyclone was easily killed by Deadpool's guns.[26]

Later, at least four other people have adopted his technology and his nom de guerre,[8] each changing the uniform as a way to differentiate from the original one: First, teenage criminal brothers Bert and Hubie Packer looted the Bar with No Name to obtain the still-unfound technology used by the criminals, with Bert getting Cyclone's suit and Hubie using Bird-Man's, but they were promptly defeated by Rocket Racer.[27] Then Gregory Stevens, alias Cyclone II, obtained the technology from unscrupulous industrialist Justin Hammer and confronted Silver Sable and her Wild Pack.[8][28] Later, Pierre Fresson became Cyclone III and a member of the Masters of Evil,[8][29] and a Skrull impersonated Gerard in a murdering rage in France to confront a supposedly time-travelling Captain Mar-Vell.[30][25]


André Gerard (Earth-616) from Punisher Vol 8 6

Resurrected Cyclone's new uniform. Notice that the chest logo shows concentric circles, instead of the original costume's spiral

Several years after Cyclone's death, the superpowered crimelord The Hood used magic to resurrect sixteen of the Scourge's victims (sacrificing a person for each returned) to use them as minions confronting the Hood's enemy Punisher.[7] Hood explained his new guests his plan while regaling them with a diner. The Hood claimed to be in control of organized crime, secretly pulling strings in several important issues, and he also claimed to be confronting Punisher. The Hood told his new agents that Punisher had killed each of them masquerading as the Scourge,[10] which was false,[2] and he also said that his resurrection spell was to last only for one month - but, if any of them killed the Punisher, all of them will be bestowed with longevity, unless they were killed in the process. The Hood's team provided Cyclone and the other villains with augmented powers, modern weapons, and new uniforms more adapted to the times, as well as the support of resurrected computer expert Microchip, formerly Punisher's friend and aide. The Hood also demonstrated his powers to prevent any of his minions from defying him.[10]

Resurrected villain Mirage tried to take charge of the team. Two of the criminals, Basilisk and Death Adder, seceded from the team immediately, to Mirage's anger. Cyclone physically restrained Mirage to prevent him from confronting the breakaway party; Cyclone claimed they wouldn't be necessary.[10]

Cyclone visited the current New York City and was surprised at the obvious changes during his absence; jokingly, Cyclone theorized that Walt Disney had been also revived to redesign Times Square. Cyclone then played cards with three other villains in the team - Firebrand, Mirage, and Mind-Wave - and they mocked intellectual types like Megatak and Microchip; Cyclone laughed when Mind-Wave insulted them. They were interrupted by female villains Lascivious and Letha, who disapproved of Mirage's supposed leadership and humiliated him with their powers. When Mind-Wave challenged the women, Letha used her new aggression-control powers on Cyclone, so that the later would punch Mind-Wave for her. Thus, they demonstrated authority and ambition on the team.[2]

Mirage's plan involved using illusion powers to disguise the villains as the Avengers of their time, with Cyclone impersonating either Black Knight, Doctor Druid, or Thor. The mock Avengers intercepted Punisher trying to save the life of a person he was attacking - the Fly, another of the villains- while Microchip and his team put Punisher's ally Henry Russo to flight. When the false Thor attacked Punisher demanding his surrender, Punisher knocked him down with a punch. Soon, Punisher had defeated all of the "Avengers", but Cyclone and Miracle Man (also either Black Knight, Doctor Druid or Thor) escaped.[31]

Letha, who impersonated She-Hulk, found Mirage, who had been captured, then released, by Punisher. Letha told Mirage to tell Cyclone or Mirage Man, should they dare to go back to their headquarters, that she intended to kill their living relatives after the fight as a punishment for their cowardice.[31] However, Punisher defeated Letha afterward.[32]

Battered and covered in bandages, Cyclone helped Firebrand watching Punisher when the later was finally captured by the Red Hood. The Hood wanted the Punisher to murder retired policeman G.W. Bridge in a ritual to resurrect the Punisher's and Microchip's dead families. Instead, the Punisher took the ceremonial knife and slashed Cyclone's throat with it, killing him again. Punisher then confronted his other enemies.[33]

When Spider-Man discovered that Maggia intended to rebuild itself and warned the Avengers, two female Avengers -Thor and the Wasp- underestimated the threat of common crime. Spider-Man tried to convince them of the power of some Maggia agents in the past, mentioning Cyclone and others.[34]


Cyclone was an arrogant[12] angry man, enraged with Americans, as he considered his career had derailed because of US-favoring policies in the NATO. He was proud of his achievements[5] and vengeful against those[4] he felt had humiliated him.[10] He resorted to blackmail and kidnapping, profanation of holy grounds,[5] and straightforward murder of defenseless individuals[15] to protect secrets or further his goals,[12] feeling little respect for anyone else's opinion.[5] However, Cyclone was able to follow orders[15] and to collaborate with other criminals.[31][33] His minions followed his orders to the letter,[5] even if Cyclone sometimes used his powers in ways that put them in physical danger.[15]

Cyclone enjoyed French wine: In the Bar with No Name, he asked for Château Lafite Rothschild '29, which in the 1980s would be prohibitively expensive, hard to find, and maybe not even drinkable depending on the conservation measures.[6]


Power Grid[38]
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Cyclone was a brilliant and innovative man[35] with a Masters' degree in mechanical engineering:[3] He designed and developed his own technology.[3][5] He spoke fluently French and English,[13] and could play card games.[2]


Cyclone was first defeated using a huge fan that generated a reverse vortex, countering the effects of the Cyclone suit and sending Cyclone against a wall.[5] He was later beaten by a technology of liquefied gas that reduced temperature to below zero in the area of his lower legs, which prevented him from properly moving his feet and from breathing properly -even if his suit should allow him to breathe somehow within his winds.[15]

Cyclone was affected by Letha's mental powers of aggression generation[2] and by Angar the Screamer's sonic scream attack.[21]



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Cyclone's Suit: The advanced Cyclone technology developed by Gerard for military use[4][5] and later incorporated as concealed mechanisms in his synthetic stretch fabric suit allow Cyclone to mechanically[3] produce high-speed winds,[3][8] including tornado-strength gales.[9][10][11] Cyclone could attack his enemies with blasts off wind powerful enough to cause a several-story building to collapse,[4][13] lifting them in the air and slamming them on walls, or throwing debris at them,[12] and he could also redirect air currents at whim to repel flying or[12] gliding enemies, or murder a victim by increasing spin speed and draw all the air in the area so that his opponent cannot breath[15] by creating a vacuum around that person.[12] Cyclone could fly by generating a small twister from his waist down, then increasing and moving it;[3][4][10][13] by using his powers like so, he can carry at least four people with him.[4][13] Cyclone could not pinpoint individuals within the scope of his winds: Everyone and everything in a given place was affected in the same way (except for the vaccuum attack), and Cyclone could not keep one person safe if he targetted another nearby person.[12]

Although the specific limits of his technology are unclear, particularly the speed and strength of his winds,[4] it was confirmed that his power affect a diameter of 60 meters, centering in himself,[4] and that he could accelerate the local air volumes to at least 482 kilometers per hour.[3] After Cyclone's resurrection, The Hood magically increased Cyclone's powers with several effects, one of them being that Cyclone could focus all his wind power in a needle-width point, allowing him to pierce almost anything. There was also talk about potential synergies of Cyclone's powers with those of his ally, fire- and heat-generating Firebrand,[10] but those collaborations went unconfirmed.[33]

The Cyclone suit apparently protected Gerard from the strength of his own winds and allowed him to breath within his tornadoes, but the means how this is achieved, as those of how the winds are generated exactly, have been unrevealed.[4]

The suit was susceptible to malfunctioning, but Cyclone had the expertise to repair it on the fly, as long as he had access to the right supplies.[12]


Combat applications of the Cyclone suit.


Cyclone moved around using self-produced whirlwinds about himself,[3][4][13] which he could use to cover great distances quickly and even carrying several people in the process (at least four unconscious adult males).[13] With his powers, he could reach a flight speed of at least 402 kilometers per hour. On foot and without any other means, he could reach a maximum of 46 kilometers per hour running, with average coordination and reaction time.[35]


  • Cyclone's real name was only revealed in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #3 in the profile for Cyclone (Pierre Fresson).
  • Cyclone's real name (in a pin-up) was listed as "Andre Gerard," without the accent aigu in Punisher (Vol. 8) #6.
  • Cyclone's previous appearances listed his real name as "unrevealed"[3][4][16][23] (even if they paradoxically listed him as having public identity).[3][4]
  • Only in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #22-23 (1978), Cyclone speaks English with an intense accent, saying "zee" instead of "the" and "membair" instead of "member." In his other appearances, he does not show this manner of speaking.
  • Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition #24 (1992) says that Cyclone's origin was listed in Captain America #319 (1986). This is an error: His origin was told in Amazing Spider-Man #144 (1975), as listed in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 2) #16 (1987). Master Edition #24 also claims that Cyclone kidnapped Joe Robertson in Amazing Spider-Man #144, but Robertson is kidnapped at the end of the previous issue.
  • Cyclone's profile and role-playing game stats for the Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game were included in the book New York, New York, also featuring a short role-playing game adventure where Cyclone is the main antagonist (Rampage #3, Reaping the Wind), and mentioning him as a potential enemy in another one (Catastrophe #4, A Plague of Villains). This book explains the possible paths that Cyclone could take in the story: If the heroes help him, he feels in debt with them, but he would not surrender - he would only look for a way to escape without killing the heroes, and consider that his debt is paid.
    • In that same book, the reparation of the suit is listed as requiring a red roll for a character with a Reason stat under Amazing, or yellow for those with more Reason. This is not how the game's rules work in the Advanced Player's Book, page 15.
    • In "A Plague of Villains", several criminal groups are looking for a biological weapon, and Maggia may have hired Cyclone or any other superhuman mercenary from a list for that purpose.
    • An abridged version of his profile later appeared in the magazine Dragon #130, with the same stats (thou there's a typo calculating his Karma, which should be 26 per the stats given in Dragon but is listed as 16). The "power stunts" were explained just 1 to 2 lines each, so they were simplified (and one was added: Creating vacuum around one target); and the book New York, New York was referenced.
  • Cyclone appears in a 2008 trading card promotional set distributed with the Spider-Man Heroes & Villain Collections magazine.[36]
André Gerard (Earth-616) from four sources to identify ears

Upper left: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 2) #7; upper right: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 2) #19; lower left: Amazing Spider-Man #144; lower right: Web of Spider-Man Annual #3

  • Cyclone's mugshot in the profile of Maggia in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 2) #19 (1987) shows that his ears are not covered by his mask, being instead clearly visible. Notwithstanding the problem that this would be for his superpowers, most of other Cyclone's appearances show that his mask cover the ears, with some space. Another exception is the pin-up in Web of Spider-Man Annual #3 (1987), showing him with ears covered by the blue cloth of his uniform, but the curves of the ear are clearly visible.
  • Cyclone using Notre Dame as his headquarters in Amazing Spider-Man #144 may be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616, because the building was severely damaged in 2019 in the real world.


  • When a Skrull who believed he was Captain Marvel was visiting the Louvre in Paris, and before Gerard's resurrection, a person claiming to be Cyclone, calling himself André Gerard, appeared and threatened to kill as many people as he could. Captain Marvel dispatched him with one punch.[30] This Cyclone was later revealed to be a Skrull impostor, part of the "Secret Invasion".[25]
  • Gerard had a criminal record in France.[3][4]

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