André Gerard was a N.A.T.O engineer who created the Cyclone, a weapon of war, and was told that N.A.T.O didn't need the weaponary because it purchased solely from America. Not long after N.A.T.O fired him, he created a costume from his device and became a criminal. He first appeared on the villain scene when he kidnapped beloved Daily Bugle publisher J.Jonah Jameson in Paris, France and held him for ransom. Joe "Robbie" Robertson and Peter Parker traveled to France to rescue Jameson. When Robertson was kidnapped as well, Spider-Man decided to rescue them both and defeated the Cyclone with a giant fan.[1]

He was later employed by the Maggia but was defeated again by Spider-Man. When super villains were suddenly being killed off by Scourge, he became one of Gary Gilbert's guests at the Bar with No Name where subsequently he, along with other costumed super villains, was killed by Scourge of the Underworld. He and most of the others killed by Scourge that night were later resurrected by the Hood in order to try to kill the Punisher, but Cyclone was quickly killed again when Punisher shot him in the head.[2]


Cyclone was a competent mechanical engineer.

Strength level

Normal human male with moderate regular exercise.


  • Cyclone's Suit: Cyclone's costume contains mechanisms that allow him to create high-velocity winds about himself. The limits of the speed and force of the wind remain unknown, but they are sufficient enough to allow him to lift and propel himself through the air at fantastic speeds, and even lift others and tear down buildings.


Conventional vehicles.


Combat applications of the Cyclone costume.

  • When a time-displaced Captain Marvel was visiting the Louvre in Paris, a Cyclone claiming to be Gerard appeared, threatening to kill as many people as he could. Captain Marvel dispatched him with one punch. This was later revealed to be a Skrull impostor, part of the "Secret Invasion".[3]

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