Andre Mexer was born in a dumpster in a Brazilian slum to a 12-year-old girl who died immediately afterward; her body was thrown out with the trash. He lived of the street his entire life, buying a gun at age seven and becoming the leader of a band of other homeless children. At puberty he manifested powerful telekinetic abilities, which he used to keep his friends safe from the gangs of thugs that prowled the region.

One day, Mexer and his friends met a vacationing Wolverine, whom they attempted to rob, Mexer using his powers against him. Wolverine called Professor Xavier about this incident, who confirmed that Mexer was a mutant via Cerebro and gave the go-ahead to bring him to the school, but also warned of another, malevolent mutant presence in the area. Wolverine tracked Mexer and his friends down, and they allowed him to stay with them after hearing his story, but Mexer refused to accompany him back to Westchester County, as he felt he needed to protect his friends.

A squad of thugs arrived the next day, riddled Wolverine full of bullets and dumped him in the sea, kidnapped Mexer, and executed the other street kids in cold blood. Wolverine survived, apparently with the aid of a talisman he had acquired earlier, and tracked down the leader of the thugs, torturing him by slowly removing his skin with his adamantium claws until he revealed he had been hired by Kuhrra Daizonest, a wealthy faith healer. Logan prepared to execute the leader, but when he saw the man had children of his own, he could not bring himself to.

Logan confronted Daizonest at his villa, with the latter revealing he was in fact a biokinetic mutant; the same evil presence Xavier had detected earlier. Kuhrra held his own against Logan in battle, using his powers to reshape Logan's muscle structure in increasingly-painful ways, but when he attempted to tear out Logan's heart, he was blocked by his adamantium bones. Logan used this opportunity to stab Kuhrra, who, dying, revealed he had sent Mexer to be a slave in a mine he operated.

Logan raced to the mine, only to find that he was too late to save Mexer; Kuhrra had already used his powers to lobotomize him. Logan slew the mine overseers in a rage and brought Mexer back to the States, where the Xavier Institute hired him as a janitor.[1] He remained in the institute when it was moved to Central Park. During a Purifier attack, he accidentally entered in contact with the skin of new student Nathaniel Carver, causing him to experience Mexer's memories. Carver saw something special in Mexer, which was what encouraged him to stay at the insitute after having considered to leave.[2]


Telekinesis: Mexer had little control over his powers.


Untrained in the use of his mutant powers. Mexer was later lobotomized by Kuhrra Daizonest in order to enslave him.

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