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Phillipe Bazin was a crimelord whose operations were plagued by Darkhawk's attacks.[2]

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He hired an unidentified woman to be subjected to experiments granting her the power to manipulate magnetism. She fought Darkhawk and in the ensuing battle, severely wounded Chris' friend, Headset.[3]

Later, when Darkhawk's amulet had been torn out of his chest by Tombstone, she fought and easily defeated him, However, after being captured by Lodestone and Bazin, Darkhawk's father sacrificed his life in order to free Darkhawk. Lodestone was defeated and Bazin presumed dead.[4]

Lodestone later appeared as a member of the Masters of Evil.[5]

Powers and Abilities


  • Magnetokinesis: Lodestone possesses the ability to manipulate magnetic force. She has proven able to levitate metallic-based objects, hurl such objects with great force, and bend or twist them into desired shapes. She can also levitate her costume enabling her to fly through the air.

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