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Andrea Pearson was a councilwoman for New York City. Her niece was one of the hundred of missing people whose blood was used by Muse to make a mural which was later planted in Freddy Durnin's warehouse.

After learning that Durnin planned on created a private exhibit and charge people to see such gruesome piece of art, she visited him and tried to convince him to refrain from proceeding with his plan, on behalf of families struck by the mystery surrounding the painting's origins.

When Durnin refused, Pearson used her political influence to ask the D.A. office to find a way to shut down his sideshow. A.D.A. Matt Murdock was assigned to the case.[1]

Pearson was later kidnapped by Muse and taken to the sewers together with the judge in charge of her case, for trying to prevent public access to his mural. They were rescued by Blindspot and escorted to safety.[2]

Thanks to Blindspot's bravery, Daredevil was able to catch the Muse and rescued all the people he kidnapped to create his mural, including Pearson's niece, as he had kept them alive to drain more blood to use as painting.[3]

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