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A clone of Andrea von Strucker created by Arnim Zola and commissioned by Andreas von Strucker.[1]


Andreas and Andrea von Strucker (Earth-616) from Thunderbolts Vol 1 122 0001.jpg

Andreas took her along when the Thunderbolts went to Washington, D.C. to deal with the Skrull Invasion.[1]

Skrull Infiltrator

She was initially feared to be a Skrull, but when Moonstone attempted to cut a deal with her for part of the conquered planet, she attacked Moonstone.[2] Preparing to finish off Moonstone, she was stabbed from behind by Bullseye, which proved fatal. It was confirmed that she was not a Skrull.[3]


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  • Sympathetic Bio-Blasting: As a clone of Andrea von Strucker she shares her powers. When her clonal sources twin brother Andreas are able to produce bio-energy discharges, but only when they had physical contact with each other, Andrea generates blasts of destructive energy that can disintegrate matter, while Andreas could generate concussive force blasts. Her beams can atomize a human.[1]


  • Contact with her Sibling: Her powers only worked when she was in contact with her brother's skin.[1]

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