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Andreas and Andrea von Strucker are co-presidents of Fenris International, a global investment firm. The Struckers were two androgynous German mutant business tycoons who sought mutant supremacy through economic control. Although they claimed their motives were honorable, they were deeply involved in corporate crime. It was shown that they were both siblings and lovers. While touching each other, they could generate energy discharges and disintegration beams.[1]

They had dealings with a thus-far unseen Black Tom Cassidy, and had tried to use Gambit to recruit Rogue; however, Rogue rejected the offer and Gambit, who was already in their employ, rebelled to aid in her escape.[2]

Later, it was revealed that the Fenris twins were behind recent Sentinel attacks, along with Bolivar Trask, the creator of the first wave of Sentinels who they had build a more powerful new model of Sentinel that they could secure the right to build for the government. It was also revealed that they had paid a mutant named Stryfe with the power to foment unrest, to create the Mutant Liberation Front a convenient target for their Sentinels to be sent after. As a result of their actions and their threat to kill Psylocke, Bishop killed the twins during their battle with Bishop's X-Men team.[3][3]


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