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Andrea von Strucker is a member of the prominent Strucker family of mutants. Along with her brother Andreas, the Strucker twins were the international criminals known as "Fenris" during the 1950s and '60s, committing atrocities with their powerful mutant abilities across the world. Although Andrea's exact fate is unknown, Andreas' great-granddaughter Lauren manifested mutant powers similar to hers.[1]



  • Force Field Generation: Andrea could telepathically pull atoms and energy together to form a protective shield. Both Strucker twins' powers were amplified while they made physical contact with each other.[1]


  • Caitlin Mehner portrays Andrea von Strucker in The Gifted.


In the comics, Andrea was the daughter of Baron von Strucker. The reason why this wasn't acknowledged in the show might have been because Marvel Studios still retained the rights of Baron von Strucker, while 20th Century Fox could use Andrea, since she was a mutant.

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