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Arms Merchant and an agent sold high-tech weapons to Don Fortunato's men. The transaction was guarded by Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil, who were attacked by the Thunderbolts. Arms Merchant's agents tried to escape, but the Black Widow caught them.[1]
Kapelos' agents attacked Iron Man when he snooped around in the Dufours Precision Manufacturing Corporation hidden facility. He escaped them and went to Countess Stephanie de la Spinoza to ask her if she needed help. Stephanie's bodyguards turned out to be employees of Kapelos and attacked Tony and Stephanie. The Mandarin sent Dreadnoughts when he heard of Iron Man's attack on his weapon supplier. Iron Man fought Kapelos' agents and then saw Dreadnoughts destroy Stephanie's chalet with her still inside.[2]

Iron Man tricked the Dreadnoughts to attack Kapelos' agents. Stephanie and her butler had survived the attack and Iron Man later called the media to tell them he would reveal the illegal activities of the Arms Merchant. On his way to Kapelos, the Arms Merchant, Iron Man was once again attacked by Mandarin's Dreadnoughts. They followed him inside the hidden facility, where they were attacked by more of Kapelos' agents. Iron Man overheated the Dreadnoughts with molten steel and explained to Kapelos that the Dreadnoughts would soon explode and kill him. Iron Man lured the Dreadnoughts away after Kapelos gave him a coded disc with information on all his jobs. Iron Man couldn't find any useful information on Arms Merchant's clients.[3]


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