Andy Bhang was the founder of a fledgling robotics company called Bhang Robotics. Despite having won the International Robot Soccer Championship, Bhang Robotics were effortlessly stomped by a new challenger, the child prodigy Tony Stark, leaving Andy both stunned and disgruntled.

Over twenty years later, Andy was approached by Tony Stark to have him join Stark Unlimited as a key member of their Robotics Division, in part due to Andy's Idea-Based Structuring system (IBS for short). On his first day of work, Andy provided a key solution to defeat Fin Fang Foom.[1] Not long afterwards, Andy learned that his punk rock idol Amanda Armstrong worked at Stark Unlimited, and was Tony Stark's biological mother.[2] Despite a rocky start due to Andy being intimidated by Amanda,[3] they began dating.[4]

When the launch of Stark Unlimited's latest product, a virtual world called eScape, was sabotaged by the combined, yet independent, actions of the Controller and the eScape's compromised operating system Motherboard,[5] Andy worked on a blocking signal used to free every eScape user from the Controller's influence.[6] During the incident, Amanda became trapped inside the eScape, and decided to leave afterwards due to the traumatic experience she went through. She offered Andy to join her,[7] but Andy decided to remain at Stark Unlimited and continue following his dream to change the world with technology.[8]

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