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Andrew Black's parents rejected an offer for their son to be taught by Professor X.[2]

Andy became a prizefighter, aware that his mutant powers gave him an advantage. After winning a fight against Terry MacLaren he took MacLaren's title, "the Guvnor", and was invited to enter an underground fighting tournament in the Savage Land, run by the Warlord, a Hydra leader and drug manufacturer. However, upon finding it was to the death, Black decided to escape. In doing so he encountered the Super-Soldiers and, after helping them destroy the Warlord's operation they recruited him into their ranks.

Andrew Black seemingly retained his mutant powers after M-Day.[1]

Along his teammates, he wrote a book about their lives, and was part of the crew of actors playing in the movie adaptation.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Kinetic Energy Absorption: Guvnor can absorb kinetic impact and use it to enhance his strength.


Seemingly a skilled unarmed combat fighter.[1]



Various fire-weapons, including machine-gun with movable ammunition back-pack.[1]

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